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Fly Freestone Hjálmur

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Fly Freestone Hjálmur
Fly Freestone Hjálmur

Fly Freestone Hjálmur


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Vörunúmer #73-9180
Verðmeð VSK
11.830 kr.
Fly Freestone Hjálmur - 11.830 kr.
Fly Freestone - 11.830 kr.
Fly Freestone - 11.830 kr.
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  • CPSC 1203 and EN1078:2012+A1:2012


  • ConeHead™ Technology - ConeHead™ is the developmental code name for a revolutionary new way to mold EPS foam for helmets. The new ConeHead™ acts like a crumple zone around the head to absorb and dissipate impact forces more effectively than current hard foam liners. There are two different densities of foam as well as two different foams with their own characteristics of recovery from impact and inter-foam bond strength.
  • Liteweight at 317.5 grams for a Med/Large Helmet
  • 19 vents with ventilated comfort liner with built in bug screen • Cushy EVA impact foam on sides and back for comfort and protection.
  • Quick adjust chin/cheek strap
  • One hand dial fit adjustment, dial fit on the fly


  • Adjustable moto inspired visor